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Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is the relationship between the advertiser, publisher, and customer.

The term Affiliate marketing describes a form of online advertising. This form of advertising consists of referring a visitor to the advertiser’s site for a reward. Truthfully, this form of marketing is free publicity for your website.

Affiliate campaigns offer the best results combining Search Engine Optimization or Pay Per Click campaigns. This digital marketing strategy best suits industries involving large sales volumes.

We do not blindly just throw links at different website owners. The strategy put in place develops long-term relationships with websites. We assist in building a valuable affiliate network that will bring in quality leads, converting traffic. The unique online marketing strategy we provide suggests flexibility with commissions. By being flexible with commissions the affiliates will work harder for you.

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Our affiliate marketing team establishes a clear understanding of your brand’s product. We use this knowledge to help you outshine your competitors. St. Louis SEO possesses strategic experience allowing us to connect with multiple networks, verticals, and publishers. We pick those most suitable for you by delivering optimal placement.

Your relationship with the affiliates depends on how you are paying the commissions. The key to a successful affiliate campaign is the building of a strong relationship. By having affiliates trust in your brand our experts to innovative strategies with top affiliates to increase your sales.

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Saint Louis SEO PRO can manage all aspects of a campaign for you. We will encourage affiliates to sell the best product for your niche industry. This allows us to build relationships that will increase coverage of your product on affiliated sites.

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