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Full Branding

Full Branding

What does full branding mean exactly? The full branding package is for those who plan to quickly witness rapid growth in their new company. The full package includes more than the corporate package as it adds the maximum amount of materials for reaching a broader audience around the web in a shorter time. We’ve developed an approach to shaping branding strategies for our clients that result in defining prioritized, cost-effective solutions that deliver a measurable return on investment.

Who is our Basic Branding package for?

This package is far from basic but it covers what we have learned in our 14 years of experience to be the basic needs for a new company.

Logo Design:

This includes 10 logo proofs, 3 rounds of revisions with a final in PSD as well as the Vector format.

Company Slogan:

This includes 5 variables of your targeted keyword or business name creatively put into an easy to remember slogan for memorizing your brand. Think “Just do it” which is Nike’s slogan.

Business Card:

This includes at two sided business card with 2 proofs for each side with 3 rounds of revisions. The final file is in PSD format unless otherwise preferred. Most printers prefer PSD files.

Promotional Design:

This includes a company letterhead, corporate flyer design (2 sided) or an Ad design. This is why it is called a promotional design because it helps get your brand out there across the internet in a professional manner.

Color Pallette:

This is the research dedicated to formulating a color palette that is profitable and recognizable for your future clientele. By having a recognizable color palette and logo you brand yourself in advanced ways.

Social Media Branding:

Social media branding includes the above color palette used to create special branded mini graphics for your social media accounts. In 2017 consistent branding is very important for brand identification. This is also known to boost sales as people remain familiar with your brand.

Newsletter Letter Design:

The newsletter design comes with 3 mini graphics (header, one image design, and footer graphic) that are put into a carefully crafted mobile friendly design that is responsive and mobile friendly to send to your new business network. The newsletter design can be uploaded via FTP in HTML form as well for gathering leads via subscribe forms.

Basic WordPress Design:

A basic WordPress website includes 8 web pages (home, about, services, blog, contact, privacy, terms, faq). There is a charge for additional pages so please inquire in advance. The WordPress website, however, is mobile friendly for all devices as well as responsive. Your business can always add features later as the company blossoms. Also, see our maintenance & security pages if this is your option.

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