Security & Maintenance Rates

$ 500 /mo
Starting at $500/mo or $1200/quarterly. Limited to CMS websites
  • 10 Hours of Web Maintenance
  • Weekly Website Back Up
  • Website Evaluation
  • Broken Link Detection
  • Login Security/Prevention
  • Key Word Statistics
  • Google Analytics
  • User Mobility/Interface
  • Page Speed Test
  • Content Uploads
  • Copy Editing
  • Monthly Reports

Maintenance Rates

Website Maintenance Rates

There are many reasons why you as a business should consider using WordPress as your website’s content management system. From the design flexibility to the ease of use, you are going to fall in love. However, you don’t want to overlook one very important factor: monthly website maintenance.

If you don’t properly maintain your WordPress powered website, day in and day out, you are likely going to be inviting some unwanted problems, or worse: unwanted visitors. Did you know that WordPress software version updates are quite common actually every 45 days or so? How about your theme updates? Did you know that an out of date plugin could lead to a major security issue? This is the downside to WordPress though it fuels 28.7 percent of all of the world’s websites, yes the WORLD.

Any one of these little loopholes can open a backdoor for a hacker causing plugin or theme conflicts, or make your site look “broken,” sometimes taking your website down altogether. What’s even more frustrating, is that sometimes these updates themselves can cause problems since automatic updates don’t always go smoothly: every once in awhile automatic updates cause fatal PHP errors, database hiccups, or require a re-installation from backup files which are crucial to your websites lively hood.

As a 16 year, WordPress developer running on WordPress is generally a great time saver by the way it makes webmasters, businesses, organizations, and non-profits much more efficient, by enabling them to easily update and manage their website like never before. However, it is imperative you know what you are doing before making these updates. One slip up or outage can and has cost some of the top brands of the world MILLIONS.

While there is nothing better than a visually appealing website, it’s almost equally important to maintain that site to keep it online & looking sharp. This is once again the importance of WordPress maintenance for your website. For these reasons alone, we offer monthly WordPress maintenance plans for clients who want the peace of mind associated with a hassle free website. This is not a fear tactic this is everyday business trust us as WordPress users ourselves.


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