Web Maintenance

$ 250 /mo
  • 12 Hours of Web Updates
  • Updates to Copy or Images
  • Weekly Website Back Up
  • Broken Link Detection
  • Monthly Report

monthly web maintenance

Hire STL SEO PRO For that extra level of maintenance and security, our maintenance offers added support directly from our website. We’ll monitor your site’s theme and plugins and keep everything up-to-date. If a plugin is no longer functioning, we’ll replace it with a suitable alternative. STL SEO PRO will also update your theme when a new version become available unless it is custom coded.

STL SEO PRO offers a different type of relationship with our clients. The feeling is we are all on the same team, so no passing the bulk of responsibility between developer and host when there is a problem with a 3rd party plugin, as these issues always end in heartache for the website owner and put a strain on the developer/client relationship.

Our website maintenance plan is not included in the Local SEO Packages. It’s important for each of our customers that their website is updated and secure from brute attacks. STL SEO PRO services ensure your website is optimized so you can focus on your business and let us take care of the technical stuff.

So whilst STL SEO PRO may not be the cheapest on the market, in our opinion, we are the best! Why are we the best because we are knowledgeable, local and affordable.


We can help your business make the most affordable decision.

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