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WordPress Conversion

WordPress Conversion In St. Louis

In 2017 Google is on the rampage making sure every website it loves is working in a top tier fashion thus WordPress conversion is still well on the rise. If you need to convert your existing or outdated website to WordPress you have come to the right place. Let us provide a pixel for pixel conversion of your existing website to WordPress – while using your exact design and layout.

Our conversions from most formats include:

  • Mirrored design
  • Image optimization
  • Convert to WordPress PHP
  • Responsive Design
  • Mobile Friendly
  • SEO Ready (See SEO pricing)
  • 1-hour training once completed

Converting to a WordPress site

How you choose to go about customizing your static HTML website into a WordPress will not only eventually depend on your personal preference, desired investment, but future goals. You will have to be the one to decide which is best for your business or brand, but with the advanced WordPress conversion knowledge below your company should be able to decide quickly allowing a shortening of the development timeline.

There are three normal options as the ways you can update an HTML website with WordPress:

1. Manually create a WordPress theme based on your current static HTML site.

This will require us to alter your code from scratch yet creates a more original hybrid of the current website. The actual advantage here in doing so means you are taking the steps to advance your current website into an original entity online. This in the long run combined with a great SEO & Digital marketing strategy is more original in the eyes of Google catapulting you ahead of your competitors who often use poorly coded themes and content. It is also the most costly of the three options.

2. Install a pre-made theme and simply migrate your content.

This option is probably the best option as it is at the intersection of simplicity and value. This allows you to keep your same look plus feels but update the content just a little bit for the latest trends in your niche. This is the fastest way to move your website over if you are a small start-up or young business. By having WordPress your website will index as well as rank way better. Your only immediate cost after this would be choosing a WordPress developer as you evolve. This process often only takes a few business days depending on how many pages you have indexed.

3. Paying to have an HTML to WordPress re-creation of your site.

This is the easiest solution, as it doesn’t require you to do much of anything. We take what is there, optimize it and convert it for the best effects mentioned in number two. However, it will not do much for familiarizing you with WordPress which will eventually require advanced WordPress Training which we include at an additional cost. The cost always varies depending on who you choose to hire even if it’s not us. However, this is something to keep in mind after you convert to WordPress cms.

The goal is to NOT get behind as the internet evolves. Google is the boss on the block and if you are investing in current SEO efforts, PPC, mobile optimization or other forms of Digital Marketing it is wise to invest in such a conversion. A third of the whole entire world uses WordPress so something it does has to be right wouldn’t you agree. In hiring us we bring over a decade of knowledge to the table allowing us to make the advanced needs to push your website into 2018 and beyond.