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WordPress Training

WordPress Training

You may need WordPress training if the following applies to your current business:

Your team has to hire a developer frequently or lacks the capital to hire one full time.

Your website breaks after updates often from lack of actual WordPres CMS web knowledge.

You are the victim of cyber attacks from lack of security which send your website to who know’s where causing you to lose prospective buyers.

Your website is not optimized for fast loading or mobile user and you understand why this is important.

Your company contact form suscribe page or website do not produce profitable leads AT ALL.

This list could go on but this is why WordPress training is needed. Some businesses are tiny with fewer employees so understanding the format of WordPress would help you save hiring outside the company.

This is why we are here to offer advanced WordPress training to you, your team or startup company. With 14 years of experience in WordPress and quite a bit of dedication, you can learn the ropes of wordpress in no time. With our advanced training, we can have a 1-4 person team trained in WordPress in one work day. This does depend on the website built or at hand but how awesome is that?

This training is for those looking to truly evolve with the platform and use said knowledge directly to enhance their business and brand on a daily basis. This knowledge does come with a cost but often it’s just a one-time fee for the training based on a number of individuals attending.

If this sounds like you, your business or startup please reach out with your inquiry. We look forward to serving the local businesses that are making St. Louis amazing as new members of the St. Louis Chamber of Commerce.